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In store products.
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Salsa bowl
Salsa Bowl
Hand painted ceramic bowl. Fun way to fire up your taste buddies. Serve your favorite dip or hot sauce
SKU #146 - Sauce Bowl -  $12.00 
Sorghum Molasses
Sorghum Molases
A natural sweetener derived from the juice that is extracted from the sorghum cane. Can be served for use on hot cereal, pancakes, waffles and also makes a wonderful sweetener for baked good.
16 FL oz -  $8.00 
24 FL oz -  $11.00 
Organic Pistachios
Sun dried Tomato Halves
Sun dried tomatoes can be use in many of your favorite recipes. May also preserve in olive oil along with rosemary, garlic, paprika and basil. This product contain Sulfur Dioxide.
8 oz -  $7.00 
The Romance and Sex life of the dates- DVD
This retro-funky documentary delight explores the world-famous Shield's Date Garden and the history of the date industry in the Coachella Valley. Fifteen minutes presentation modified only slightly over the years.
DVD- Date Story -  $6.00 
Tomato spread and dip
Tomato Bruschetta Spread & Dip
A blend of sun ripened tomatoes with fresh garlic and basil. Spread on a toast or cracker or use on seafood, grilled meats or vegetables.
Tomato 12 oz -  $10.00 
Yellow Barhi AKA Fresh Dates
Yellow Barhi AKA Fresh Dates
Barhis are the only date that can be harvested in the Khalal stage which accounts for their yellow color and apple crisp texture. Yellow Barhis are available for a limited time only. Because of the delicate nature of our Yellow Barhi dates, most all orders will be shipped second day air or overnight to ensure freshness. Please call 800-414-2555 to complete and p
Assorted Dates - Special Promotion -
Assorted Dates - Special Promotion
If you are looking for an assortment we offer 5 lbs on a sectional box of the Blondes, Khadrawi, Hydrated Deglet Noor and Medjool Dates. These Dates are a chewier grade.
SKU #41 - 5 lbs. -  $27.00 
Large Medjool Dates - Special Promotion
Large Medjool Dates - Special Promotion
Large and chewier Medjool Dates packed in our Shields box.
SKU #1018 - 5 lbs. -  $34.00 
XF Medjool Dates
X-Fancy Medjool Dates Special Promotion
5 lbs of our Extra Fancy Medjool Dates one of our driest,chewier and loose skin dates packed in a box.
SKU #1010 - 5 lbs -  $29.00 
SKU #1015 - 11 lbs -  $46.00 
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