Blonde & Brunette
Blonde and Brunette Dates are a semi-dry date variety created Mr. Shields in 1927 by hybridizing two existing varieties. These dates are medium sweet and available exclusively at Shields Date Garden.
Six Date Variety Pack
Assorted Dates with Date Coconut Confection Rolls
This is a 2 1/2 pound package containing Medjool Dates, Hydrated Deglet Noor Dates, Honey Dates, Khadrawi Dates, Halawi Dates and Date Coconut Confection Date Rolls. Each type of Date is in a separate section with its own name.
SKU #14 - 2.5 lbs. -  $21.50 
Blonde Dates
Blonde Dates
Our finest Blonde Dates are a medium sweet, creamy, and soft date. Blondes are a light golden color. Created by Mr. Shields, Blonde Dates are exclusive to Shields Date Gardens.
SKU #21 - 3 lbs. -  $30.25 
SKU #20 - 5 lbs. -  $44.95 
Flavor Full Pack
Flavor Full Pack (4 varieties)
A mix of the slightly smaller Medjool, Deglet Noor, Blonde & Brunette Dates.
SKU #60 - 3 lbs. -  $36.25 
SKU #61 - 5 lbs. -  $48.75 
Mixed Blonde and Brunetts
Mixed Blonde and Brunettes Dates
We have packed the best of Mr. Shields famous Blonde and Brunette Dates together - enjoy.
SKU #66 - 3 lbs. -  $30.25 
SKU #67 - 5 lbs. -  $44.95 
Road Runner Pack
Road Runner Pack
Blonde and Brunette dates packed individually in one pound baskets.
SKU #253 - 2 lbs. -  $23.50