Deglet Noor
Deglet Noor Dates are semi-dry, nutty and sweet. Great for snacking and baking, they’re the most widely grown date variety in the world.
Six Date Variety Pack
Assorted Dates with Date Coconut Confection Rolls
This is a 2 1/2 pound package containing Medjool Dates, Hydrated Deglet Noor Dates, Honey Dates, Khadrawi Dates, Halawi Dates and Date Coconut Confection Date Rolls. Each type of Date is in a separate section with its own name.
SKU #14 - 2.5 lbs. -  $21.50 
Quality Deglet Noor
Quality Deglet Noor Dates
Deglet Noor means "Date of Light." These dates are a golden-amber color with a translucent skin. Deglet Noor Dates are a semi-dry date with a delicate flavor, not as sweet as our softer varieties. An excellent shipper that keeps well.
SKU #31 - 3 lbs. -  $29.50 
SKU #30 - 5 lbs. -  $42.50 
Pitted Deglet Noor
Pitted Deglet Noor dates
We have pitted these hydrated Deglet Noor Dates to save you time. Great for cooking, baking or salads. These are also excellent when stuffed with cream cheese.
SKU #412 - 2 lbs. -  $17.75 
SKU #415 - 5 lbs. -  $32.75 
SKU #419 - 15 lbs. -  $78.75 
Whole Deglet Noor
Whole Deglet Noor Dates
Our hydrated Deglet Noor dates are large and fresh. These dates are great for eating, cooking, baking, or stuffing - a customer favorite.
SKU #402 - 2 lbs. -  $16.50 
SKU #405 - 5 lbs. -  $29.75 
SKU #409 - 15 lbs. -  $70.00